VP 202 CNCControl panel



The roll feeder VP 202 CNC is designed for feeding coil strip into the working space of metalforming machines. It is suited for curent metalforming operations such as blanking, punching, bending etc. and realize a high degree of feed length precision. The feeder can be attached without much demands to a current forming machine working separately or integated in forming lines. The specific application of the feeder should be preferably consulted with the manufacturer.


In the feeder box are mounted the feeding elements, gearing, drive, pneumatic elements, mechanisms for adjustement of the feed to a specific thicknes and width of the strip. All rotary elements are mounted in roll bearings and do not need lubrication. The feeder is program-controlled. In each program step it is possible to set the length and speed of feed step and also the press start and speed if necessary. Communication with the operator (program editing, error indication, daily and total counting) is via the control panel.


On customer's requirement we supply:

- increased feed acuracy up to ±0,01 mm
- independent measurement (in case of risk of material slip)
- intermediate mounting plate for easy attachment of the feeder to the press
- separate stand if the feeder cannot be mounted directly onto the press
- special software and hardware outfit (control of the feeder directly from the PC)
- loop control (optical reflex sensors with polarizing filter)



Maximum width of feed material 200 mm
Maximum thicknes of feed material 2 mm
Maximum cross-sectional area of feed material 200 mm2
Maximum feeding speed 120 m/min
Feed length tolerance ±0,02 mm
Overall dimensions - width x depth x height 430x610x340 mm
Range of feed lengths 0,019999,99 mm
Setting of feed speed 3100 %
Mass 100 kg
Connection voltage 3x400 V
Input power 2,8 kW
Air pressure 0,6 MPa

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