MV 600MV 600



The mechanization equipment of the vulcanizing presses MV 600 serves for loading the blanks and unloading the vulcanized diaphragms in an automatic cycle.


The basic portion of the equipment are two travelling manipulators of box type moving on aluminium sections and of which one serves for loading and the other for unloading. The two manipulators move during the working cycle in parallel at the front and rear portion of the vulcanizing presses. Synchronization is obtained by means of an epicyclic gear with stepping motor and a pair of tooth belts. An arm provided with eight suction cups slides out from the loading manipulator and the cups pick the blanks from a magazine arranged in the lower portion of the manipulator and place then into the mould of the vulcanizing tool. At the other side of the vulcanizing press travells in synchronism an unloading manipulator with eight suction cups which serve to unload the diaphragms from the press and place then into the finished diaphragms magazine. The operator only changes the magazine with blanks and vulcanized diaphragms. The mechanization equipment is controlled by freely programmable automatic.



Number of blanks in magazine 8 pcs
Dimensions of magazine 567 x 355 mm
Maximum height of stacked blanks in the magazine 35 mm
Maximum height of stacked diaphragms in the magazine (after vulcanization) 25 mm
Maximum attended number of presses LV 600 3 pcs
Spacing of presses attended 1850 mm
Size of loading manipulator - width x depth x height 670x370x650 mm
Size of unloading manipulator - width x depth x height 670x370x650 mm
Overall dimensions - width x depth x height 1850x5290x2225 mm
Mass  390 kg
Connection voltage  230 V
Input power 2,8 kW
Air pressure 0,6 MPa

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