VH 3 CNCDemonstration of possibilities of the boring process



The numerically controlled horizontal boring machine VH 3 CNC serves for boring holes into elements of tubular shape. Loading and unloading of the workpieces is manual, the subsequent operation of the machine is automatic controlled by preprogrammed data.


The basic portion of the boring machine is a 3D-rigid welded frame. The machined surfaces of the frame carry both the vertical and horizontal spindle head. The horizontal head comprises three boring spindles, driven via tooth belts from an asynchronous motor. Feed of the spindles is obtained by a drive from a hydraulic cylinder with multiplicator. The spindle head is mounted on linear roll guide. The vertical spindle head serves for mounting the parts to be bored. It consists of three vertical spindles. The upper portion (passively rotated clamping centres) - driven and the lower portion - driving centres. The workpieces to be bored are inserted onto the lower spindle portion and after start of the automatic cycle are gripped by passively rotatable clamping centres (upper portion). Radial rotation of the vertical spindles is obtained by a stepping motor with epicyclic gear. The vertical head is feed vertically by a stepping motor with epicyclic gear and ball screw. The spindle head is mounted on a linear ball guide. Optimum cutting conditions in boring are obtained by providing each spindle with a flexible hose for the supply of coolant. The whole machine features standard covers. The space of the vertical spindle head is fitted with a watertight cover for evacuation of coolant and chips into a collecting through. The boring machine is controlled from a freely programmable automatic permitting via an operating panel the change of technological modes with possible diagnosing of its faults. The number of finished parts is recorded by both a daily counter and a totalizing counter.



Number of boring spindles 3 pcs
Maximum boring diameter 12 mm
Minimum boring diameter 4 mm
Taper in spindles MORSE 3  
Maximum boring depth 20 mm
Range of speeds of horizontal spindle head 500 1500 1/min
Adjustment of horizontal spindle head 70 mm
Feed force of horizontal spindle head 17 kN
Spacing between spindles 136 mm
Maximum dimensions of workpiece bored - o inside - o outside x height o 100 - o 125 x 180 mm
Maximum stroke of vertical spindle head 180 mm
Maximum stroke of clamping centre 100 mm
Thrust force on clamping centre 4,5 kN
Overall dimensions - width x depth x height  1300x1000x1700 mm
Mass (include distribution box)  920 kg
Connection voltage 3x400 V
Input power 7,8 kW
Air pressure 0,6 MPa

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