The LLCV 1 is a one-point toggle-lever pneumatic press with top drive and run-out table designed for small presswork whitch requires manual loading of preforms without possibility of using technological appliances.


The basic portion of the press is a welded frame dimensionally stabilized by annealing and in whitch is roll-mounted the slide, a toggle-lever drive mechanism and a rotary table for mouting two tools for clearance-free blanking. The slide and the rotary table indexing are controlled by pneumatic elements. The lower tool half receiving the preform, can be vacuumized. Pressure air permits easy removal of the finished cut-out blank from the tool. The operator's working space is enclosed by guards which together witch a two-hand release ensures perfect operator safety. The press is controlled by a freely programmable automatic, allowing via the operating panel to change the technological modes with possible diagnosing of its faults. The number of parts are registered by both day and total counters.

Nominal press capacity 10 kN
Number of strokes 7 1/min
Slide stroke at 288 shut height 120 mm
Throat 162 mm
Shut height 288 mm
Radius of slide T-slot axis from centre of rotary table 135 mm
Slide adjustment 16 mm
Mounting holes in table 4 x M16 mm
Diameter of mounting surface of table 560 mm
Overall dimensions - width x depth x height 650x1125x1525 mm
Mass of press without tool 450 kg
Input power 2 kW
Connection voltage 3x400 V
Air pressure 0,6 MPa
Air consumption per 1 working cycle 8 l

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