LV 600



The LV 600 machine is a one-point pneumatic press with bottom drive, roll-mounted slide and 2 heating plates. The press is designed for vulcanization of membranes with a maximum clamping force of 6 kN.


The basic portion of the press is a welded frame of think wall tubes of rectangular section. The frame is enclosed by guards and accomodates the press housing, roll guides for the guards, air supply lines and electric equipment. A stand-by table is used for depositing the preforms and finished products and this table can be removed if necessary. The heat insulation is ensured by removable inner guards whitch are sealed by silicone up to 300 C. The operator's working place is enclosed by guards, removal of the finished products is facilitated by the automatic cycle whitch ends by opening of the front guard. Exhaustion of fumes (forced ventilation) from the working space of the press is connected to the upper guard. The press is controlled by a freely programmable automatic allowing via the control panel a variation of the technological modes (setting of temperature of the various heating plates, setting of the vulcanization time etc.). It is furthermore possible during the operation to register the temperature of the heating plates into the memory for recording the production. The number of parts produced is registered by both a day and a total counter.

Nominal clamping force 6 kN
Slide stroke 300 mm
Shut height 155 mm
Heating plate dimensions 352x630 mm
Range of temperatures available 0-220 C
Overall dimensions - width x depth x height 1140x610x1950 mm
Mass of press without tool 750 kg
Connection voltage 3x400 V
Power input of the heating plate 4x1,5 kW
Input power 6,2 kW
Air pressure 0,6 MPa
Air consumption per 1 working cycle 52 l

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