RP 303

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The straightener RP 303 is used to straightening coil strip material before its technological processing. Its most frequent application is as integrated part of an automated metalforming line together with uncoiler, feeder, press and possibly a severning device. The specific application of the straightener should preferably be consulted directly with the manufacturer.


The straighteners is equipped with four entry rolls and eight straightening rolls. The entry rolls are driven together with the lower straightening rolls by an electromotor. The design of the upper driven rolls permits their easy adjustment to obtain the maximum straightening effect. The productivity is increased by rapid insertion of a fresh strip and easy maintenance of the straightener. The straightener can be controlled manually from a control panel or automatically from a loop control. The drive from an asynchronous motor with frequency converter allows stepless variation of the straightening speed depending on the speed of the line.


On customer's requirement we supply:

- loop control (optical reflex sensors with polarizing filter)



Maximum width of straightened material


Maximum thickness of straightened material 3 mm
Maximum width / 6mm thickness 70 mm
Range of straightening speeds 3,3 33


Diameter of straightening rolls 65 mm
Working height of straightening 1110 mm
Overall size - width x depth x height 840x1020x1420 mm
Mass 670 kg
Connection voltage 3x400 V
Power input 1,5 kW
Air pressure 0,6 MPa

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