The straighteners are used to straighten coil strip material before its technological processing. They are most often integrated in automated metalforming lines together with uncoiling equipment, feeder, press and possibly a severning equipment. A specific application of the straighteners should preferably be consulted directly with the manufacturer.



Name of parameter Parameter value for the individual types RP Unit
RP 702
Maximum width of straightened material 250 300 700 mm
Max. thickness of straightened material 1  3 2 mm
Range of straightening speeds 3,333  330  330 m/min
Diameter of straightening rolls 30  65 65 mm
Working height of straightening 1100  1110 1110 mm
Overall size - width x depth x height 665x850x1340  840x1020x1420 1250x1060x1450 mm
Mass 300  670 1000 kg
Connection voltage 230 (3x400)  3x400  3x400 V
Power input 2,2 (0,8)  1,5 3 kW
Air pressure    0,6 0,6 MPa

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