Demonstration of possibilities of the trepanning processTrepanner

The treppaner is designed for making holes ø 20- 120 mm in diameter.

TrepannerThe process of trepanning is simple. The blade is adjusted as illustrated by loosening and subsequent tightening a screw 1 with the attached spanner. The screw 2 is loosened, radius is set-up either by trial or with a slide gauge following the formula R = D/2 + 4 mm (D = diameter to be obtained). The maximum diameter can be obtained by removing the arm from the hole and inserting it into the same from the opposite side. The screw 2 is now tightened.

A hole ø 8 mm is pre-drilled into the material. Trepanning is performed by small feed at rpm up to 500. When trepanning a through hole the operation is started from one side and subsequently continued from the opposite side. In the finishing phase the trepanner looses its guidance wherefor the hole must not be finished. The thin web (about 0,5 mm) has to be broken through.

This product is supplied to the retail chain dealing with iron ware.

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